Philly Bread

Revolutionary Bread from a Revolutionary City

We are always searching for the best and brightest bakers that Philadelphia has to offer.   Philly Bread staff are a dedicated bunch, and our culture is collaborative, product obsessed, and ambitious. If you, too, are interested in being "all in,"drop us a line at



Philly Bread is a wholesale, bread only bakery, located in the Olney section of Philadelphia, PA. We are obsessed with inventing, producing and selling high quality bread to restaurants, grocers, and consumers throughout the Philadelphia area. We are a rapidly growing small business; big things are on the horizon! We guarantee that your time at Philly Bread will be exciting and challenging. We hope that you grow with us.

Our mission is to become a major producer of ‘craft’ bread throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. With this ambition, we are always on the lookout for innovators and forward thinkers.



Packing is one of the most important roles at Philly Bread because each packer is the last line of quality control before the bread leaves the bakery. Every day, 7 days a week, 363 days a year, Philly Bread packages its breads to be delivered to its customers throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

The Packing Manager will manage a team of packers as they efficiently and effectively organize and package breads for Philly Bread’s customers.


Job Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Sorting, packing, and slicing breads
  • Managing the packaging team to pack out product as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Managing data on bread waste, employee efficiency, and ‘total quality management’


Desired Experience & Requirements

  • Direct experience in the food industry--preferably managing a team
  • Obsessive focus on process, efficiency, and direct results
  • Ability to lift heavy objects as needed
  • Ability to collect and analyze data
  • Strong desire to grow with company.


Compensation & Benefits

The Packing Manager Position will be an hourly position with pay based on experience and performance. Expect roughly a 40 hour work week. Shifts start at 4 pm and typically end between 9:30 and 11:30 PM depending on the day. Packing shifts occur 7 days a week, though individual shifts are scheduled well in advance. Increased efficiency will be rewarded.


Benefits Include:

  • One week of paid vacation
  • Professional development courses
  • Growth opportunities
  • Mentorship--personal and/or professional--if desired


Work Environment

In accordance with City, State, and Federal law, Philly Bread does not discriminate by race, gender, sexuality, age, or any other descriptive factor. We are an eclectic group that prides itself on a welcoming work environment. Ask questions, offer feedback, learn more. That’s our style.   



Philly Bread holds a one month trial period to determine a right fit between employer and employee. We expect you to work hard and smart. Always ask questions and strive for growth. Thank you for considering the position.


Applicants must submit a cover letter and resume to