We couldn't find the type of bread we wanted to eat anywhere in Philadelphia, so we decided to bake it ourselves. Our founder, Pete Merzbacher, had worked in agriculture and dabbled in the food industry, but he was new to the world of baking. After much trial and error and with the help of others, Philly Bread was born in this fair town of Philadelphia. Now that we've been at it for a few years and got the hang of it, we have expanded our products beyond our flagship Philly Muffin. We now offer a complete line of bread that includes muffins, bagels, baguettes, burger buns, pullman loaves, focaccia, and ciabatta.  




Some are Philly born and raised, some are transplants. All have grit and passion. The eclectic and diverse nature of our team has resulted in a culture that balances innovation with consistency and accessibility with quality. 


Why do we buy local? Because quality of product and quality of relationships matter. 

  • Castle Valley Mill (corn, rye)
  • Susquehanna Mill (canola oil)
  • Deer Creek Malt (various malts)


From fine dining to fast-casual to natural grocers, our wholesale customers service over 10,000 people from all parts of Greater Philly. To learn more about where our products are served, click Find Our Products.



At its core, the Philly Bread method is focused on sourcing grains directly from the farmer and pulling as much flavor from them as possible. Pre-fermented flour and toasted grains help craft all of our dough. The addition of a ripe poolish, mild sourdough, and house-processed corn or roasted barley gives our bread distinct flavor, texture, and keeping qualities.  

We source the highest quality grains and mill them just before mixing the dough. Milling our flours allows us to unlock maximum flavor. To understand the importance of milling grain at our bakery, just ask yourself, what good coffee shop sources pre-ground coffee beans? What great restaurant orders pre-minced garlic?  

Those who care about their craft take every step of the process seriously (and we do).



You can find Philly Bread at 4905 North 5th Street in the Olney ("ahl-i-nee") neighborhood. We're just a block north of Roosevelt Boulevard on 5th Street.

We're proud to be a part of a community of bakers, with a handful of bakeries just blocks from our store.

Philly Bread is committed to the city after which it's named. We strive to provide our neighbors with a quality product at a reasonable price.



Pacemakers, penicillin, Post-it Notes, and the Philly Muffin.

Many amazing things have been invented by accident. The last of which was born in my own home oven and soon became Philly Bread's flagship product. 

Back in 2012, as a 23 year old home baker, I fried up some square-ish pieces of high hydration sourdough in a cast iron skillet. This product made my friends and family go crazy. After the fact, I found that there had been no real innovation to the English muffin since Samuel Bath Thomas first developed his muffin in 1880.

Creating the Philly Muffin taught me a valuable lesson upon which I founded Philly Bread: inventive foods don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be appreciated. All of Philly Bread’s products have a regional flare, all vegan ingredients, and a special balance between inventiveness and approachability.

Obsessive about quality. Focused on consistency. Always inventing. The Philly Bread way.



Pete Merzbacher
Founder/Head Baker