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We are always searching for the hardest workers that Philadelphia has to offer. Baking experience is preferred, service experience is expected, and dedication is compulsory. In exchange, we offer competitive wages, steady hours, and a collaborative workplace.

If you can get with that, send an email with your resume and cover letter to



Thanks for checking us out. In this description I'll go over our approach to bread, the position itself, and compensation.

Philly Bread's approach to artisan bread is pretty simple -make the bread we (as bakers) want to eat. What does that mean? It means we mill locally grown grain in a stone mill. It means we create several types of yeasted and sourdough pre-ferments as a way of improving flavor and shelf life. It means we use the highest quality machinery that gently handles the product. If you visit our brand new 4800 sq foot bakery, you'll understand. We're obsessed and perhaps a little weird. Have you ever met a normal baker? I thought not...

Generally speaking, there are three components to the Philly Bread baking process -mixing, bench, and oven. Applicants without experience will first be assigned to the bench where they will learn about managing bulk fermentation, dividing, and shaping. For those with artisan bread experience, you will quickly progress to the oven station where you will operate a steam tube deck oven and a double rack oven. The mixing position is reserved for highly experienced bakers who have demonstrated passion and consistency.

Compensation is tied to experience but as a general principle, we believe that you get what you pay for. We will teach you all that we know but we can't teach interest/passion/character. If you work hard, play nice, and crave knowledge, we'll move you up to $15-$17 per hour as fast as possible. It is in our interest to retain top talent!

Anyway, that's it. If you're still interested please send a brief cover letter and a simple resume to If you don't send those docs, we won't consider your interest. 

Hope to hear from you!