Product Availability

Listed below are the items that we offer for wholesale and retail at this time. 

If you are a retailer or restaurant interested in carrying our products, please drop us a line via the "Contact Us" tab at the top.  If you are a retail customer, please use the "Find Us" tab to locate a restaurant or market that carries our goods.  We always have items in development, so be sure to stop back and check out our newest additions! 

To learn more about the local ingredients used in our formulas, check out the "about us" page.

Philly Muffin.jpg

The Philly Muffin

Our flagship product, The Philly Muffin is its own product category. It has the nooks and crannies of its english counterpart, the seeded and sweet options of a bagel, and the sandwich making capabilities of a burger bun or ciabatta.

Mini Muffins also available!

Available in the following flavors: Original, Everything, Cinnamon Raisin, and house-milled Whole Wheat.

Ingredients: White flour, wheat flour (milled daily), locally malted barley flour, water, salt, yeast, sourdough starter


Pullman Loaf

A uniformed, pan-baked shape and a denser, yet soft crumb makes our Pullman Loaf the utilitarian bread for your meal. Available in Multigrain, Rye, and Potato, all perfect for sandwiches and great for everything else.

Multigrain:  Flour weight consists of 50% whole grains. Dough is mixed with a local grain and rye mash as well as slightly sweetened with molasses.

Potato: Local Paradise Valley, PA Potato Flour. Poolish fermented. 


Burger Bun

Ours is a classic burger bun that can handle any sandwich. It's vegan but no one would ever guess. We managed to get all the smoothness and subtle sweetness of a brioche without any eggs or butter. 

Slider sized Buns also available!



Perfect for sandwiches with its perfect balance of crisp, chew, and softness. With an airy crumb and a slight sour tang characteristic of naturally fermented dough, our Ciabatta is rooted in tradition and reimagined with Philly Bread clientele in mind.

Available in two shapes

Square 4.5 x 4.5

Stretch 3.5 x 7.0



Inspired by the classic French Baguette, baked with European style (lower gluten) flour, our rendition also contains a small percentage of local corn hence giving it a slightly gold hue. As a result of high hydration and slow fermentation, our baguette has an longer shelf life than most.

22 x 2.5 x 2.0in



Beautiful, airy, crumb with a perfect crust that will complement any sandwich. Our focaccia is perfectly balanced, baked with Maldon Sea Salt, dried rosemary, and olive oil.  

Table Loaf.jpg

Table Loaf

This rustic free-form loaf is a traditional table bread with an open and airy crumb. 

Available in White and Whole Wheat



A well balanced bagel with the characteristic chew and crust, but still soft enough for sandwiches. Poolish mixed and baked on the hearth, our hand shaped bagels are excellent. 

Available in: Everything, Poppy, Sesame, and Plain

4 in. 


Hoagie Roll

Harder than your everyday hoagie but softer than a baguette, our rolls have a longer shelf life than both. Made with toasted corn polenta for that golden hue and poolish mixed for a naturally fermented tang.

Available in 2 sizes: 8', 16'

Seeded or Unseeded


Deli Rye

Our deli rye is a wonderful hearty canvas for any sandwich. A custom blend of Rye, Whole, White, and Whole Wheat flour, with a touch of caraway gives this Deli Classic its characteristic earthiness and tang.